Glo-Bus Simulation Game Cameras and UAV Drones

Just a quick post that I'm working on a new guide for Glo-Bus 2018. For all inquiries, please contact me at for help on this new version of Glo-Bus such as quiz answers and advice on the game. 

Glo-Bus Simulation Tips

Ever since we wrote the Globus Business Strategy Game Demystified eBook, (Also available on Apple iBook Store) we get inquiries from students all over the world asking for Glo-Bus Simulation Tips. From the outlook, one might think Glo-Bus is a typical Simulation game which can be won by applying a certain set of tips and tricks. Over the years Glo-Bus has changed it’s game logic but we believe the simulation can still be predicted.

We have some great Glo-Bus Simulation Tips included in our eBook. One such simulation tip you can find in this Globus winning strategy ebook is as follows.

Sample Simulation Tip

The participant’s guide will tell you that you can have different strategies for different geographical markets and different product lines. But there are very few tools that you can use in Glo-Bus simulation system to maintain different strategies in different markets.

Therefore, we suggest that it is a misleading guidance given by the participant’s guide. The recommended approach is to go with one strategy for all markets. Get your copy of Glo-Bus Business Strategy Demystified, and learn why. Access more winning tips for Glo-bus business simulation game.

The tested Strategy to Win Glo-bus or business strategy manual will say that there is no one winning strategy for this glo-bus; it all depends on the business strategy decisions made by the groups competing in the glo-bus game. Well, that is partly true, but the fact that it is a game which means that as with any other computer game, the glo-bus business strategy game too is having a program behind it. Any decisions made by your team will be entered as input to this computer program, so there can be one secret formula which defines a perfect glo-bus winning strategy. Even if your strategy decisions are seems to be winning according to your understanding, it won’t always be that one winning strategy. If other groups are making decisions that don't even make sense to you but does make sense for the program, then that will be your magical glo-bus winning strategy.
Read the manual, you might be tested on it. The manual is helpful is some ways but do not rely on it 100%. My co-managers and I read it and implemented our strategy based on the manual. IT DID NOT WORK!
I think, we found the perfect glo-bus winning strategy and we made it available for everyone else to read on a PDF eBook. Click here to access the perfect winning strategy for glo-bus.

Some Quick Tips for a Perfect Glo-bus Winning Strategy

We first began to create a simple strategy which largely focused on quality of the camera. In this strategy we made our products to be the best in the market and in the process making them also the most expensive. As per the instruction manual, people are willing to pay a higher price for higher quality products. We figured out, that’s not necessarily the reality. After couple of rounds, we realized the system doesn’t qualitatively recognize our “high quality, high price” strategy, rather it responds more for low prices and hence giving more market share to low priced cameras.

We figured out, the winning strategy for glo-bus was to make it more affordable and winning a bigger market share. But when you are doing this, you have to make sure you don’t compromise on quality a lot, otherwise you will lose from warranty claims.

How to do this? Well, if you want to know the entire winning strategy for glo-bus game as we discovered it, you would want to read our e-Book for the Glo-bus winning strategy. Click here to buy the eBook for a fraction of the cost you registered yourself for the game. Invest this little money, and make sure you come up with the best strategy for Glo-bus.